Multigenre Research Paper

In Your Multigenre Research Paper You May Experiment with Different Writing Genres

Students of secondary school usually write multigenre research paper. This paper is different from traditional five paragraph writing paper. This kind of paper develops paradigmatic way of thinking in students. Instead of the traditional research paper, research paper on multiple genres gives students the opportunity to use different kinds of writing genres. You may choose a genre according to your preferences.
There are several benefits for pupils that are assigned to write this kind of research paper:

1. First of all you may choose the topic that appeals you and develop it in a favorable for you way. As a result, you become more interested in the content of your paper.
2. You develop your critical thinking. As a result you get the higher level of critical analyses. You will also gain a new attitude toward the writing process. You may present your research paper material in a meaningful and unique way.
3. This kind of research paper helps you to build self-confidence.
4. You will learn to compose a unique paper and present your thoughts and ideas.
5. You may also gain experience when discussing with your instructor and other students the possible genre ideas for this kind of research paper.
6. With the help of this writing paper you may highlight your personal interests and imagination, demonstrate your awareness of the subject.
7. Multigenre research paper may contain several voices, not only the author’s.

In order to write a good multigenre research paper, use the following guideline:

1. Choose the topic for your paper. You may describe a person, place, cultural phenomenon, movement etc. Choose the topic that appeals you. Think if you may gain enough information on this topic.
2. Start to collect the information. You may use the following sources for writing your paper:

– Read different books on the topic.
– Articles are also good sources for information.
– Gather necessary information while conducting different interviews, questionnaires, observations.
– Use internet sources. You may visit different web sites that are related to the topic of your research paper. When taking information from internet, remember that there is no guarantee of its quality. Some sites provide shallow and out-of-date information. That is why when using information from internet, check its quality. Also, make sure that the web site that you visit is trusted. And even if you find good material for your paper, do not simply copy it and paste into your research paper paragraphs. Otherwise you may be accused of plagiarism.

In each part of your research paper, you may use different genres. Your multigenre project must include:

1. Preface or introductory part. Here you may address the readers.
2. A short essay on 250-350 words.
3. Poetry.
4. Visual elements.
5. Reference list.
6. Note page.

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If You Want to Structure Your Thoughts

If You Do not Know how to Outline Research Paper – Find the Samples of Research Paper Outline

Students usually write research papers at schools, colleges and universities. It is very important to learn from the beginning how to organize your thoughts in your research paper. For this reasons, students have to learn how to outline research paper.

Research paper outline is a plan of your paper structure and a framework of your thoughts. Usually outline includes the following constituents: the title or the cover page of the research. Then goes the introduction, where you have to describe the subject of the investigation. Write also, why you have chosen this problem and why it is appropriate. Underline the importance of your investigation. Write the main questions of your research paper, which you have answer at the end of your research. Do not forget to mention the main aims and the purpose of your research. Write also what methods you use in your paper.

In the main body, present your own viewpoints and investigations. You may support your thoughts and research results with examples and citations from the books. So your thesis statements will be supported theoretically and practically. At the beginning of each chapter of the main body make a short preview and at the end of the chapters write sub-conclusions. In the conclusion, give summary to your research paper. Draw perspectives of the further investigation of the research subject. Remember that using new figures, facts and models is a rough mistake. Do not use citations in the summary. If you stated some questions in the introduction, so give answers to these questions.

If you still do no know how to outline research paper, ask your instructor to help you. Alternatively, you may find samples of the research paper outline. Pay attention to the Bibliography. It should be organized in alphabetical order. Internet sources are usually listed at the end of the Bibliography.

In some research paper examples, you may see that some students write Appendices in the work. In Appendices, additional tables, graphs, statistics, charts or extracts from the documents are given. Write each table from a new page. Although Appendices is not a compulsory part of the research paper, still you have to enumerate it.

Therefore, as you see it is very important to know all the constituents of the research paper. In addition, if you want to organize them logically then research paper outline will help you. Think how you can outline research paper, organizing all the parts of the writing in an appropriate way. If you still need help with your research paper outline, then you may order custom paper outline at

The Tips on Writing the Research Paper Abortion

How to Write Research Papers Abortion

Writing a research paper abortion is really a hard task as this topic has always been one of the most debatable and controversial. There are a lot of people that think the abortion to be an ordinary thing while the others are against it. So, it is rather difficult to make a choice: whether to be on it or against it. That is why; one of the most complicated tasks is to make a choice. This small text will help you in writing the abortion paper and will provide some useful advices on the structure of this work.

Usually, the research papers abortion consist of 7 – 11 pages and have nearly 3000 – 3500 words. To write a strong and informative paper you need to follow the particular steps and advices. We would like to present you these main steps, so that you can write an excellent, interesting and informative text which can be easily defended.

  1. The title page. The title of the research paper abortion can be done in different ways. It can be MLA or APA style. If you need the MLA style it is required to use a double-spacing. Each word begins with a capital letter.
  2. The content or plan. Here comes the list of all the sections you are going to describe in your paper.
  3. The introduction. This part of your work should state such points as: a short explanation, the aim of your work, the main questions of the paper, the description of the current research, your own facts and research. In other words, the purpose of an introduction is to make the reader familiar with the topic.
  4. The main body. It is the longest part of the abortion paper. Each section should include the main point and the argument. The arguments can be taken from books and magazines discovered at the stage of gathering the information. Besides, the writing should contain such points as: interpretation of the literature, the description of the problems, current research results and your own point of view.
  5. Conclusion. Now you have to describe the main problem and show the results of your researches. Make a summery of your discoveries; prove the strength and the importance of your researches.
  6. Literature. This stage contains the complete list of the sources you used.
  7. Appendices. Here, you need to list all the charts, statistics, maps, etc.

You are familiar with the main stages of the abortion paper writing now but it would be helpful to provide the examples of the abortion topics. Here are some of them:

  • Abortion and its risk for health
  • Abortion and the religion
  • Abortion and the Catholic moral
  • Abortion: the right or the compulsion
  • Abortion and the ethnics

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Care for Good Research Papers Cover

Research Paper Cover Should Make Positive Impression

While writing an essay or a research paper you need to create a good looking, impressive and attractive research paper cover. One can think that this is an easy task but it is not so and many of the students have difficulties with it. Trying to make an impression they, usually, fell into a trap, making the cover page coloured and fancy looking. Remember, your essay is not a fiction or a novel, so you should always follow the rules and should never create something personal.

Research papers cover is very important in your work, so please pay attention to them too. The instructors and even the readers pay much attention to the title of the research paper as it is the beginning of your writing and it should be done properly. The title of a research paper can be written in different ways. There is a number of the official written formats and one of them will be used to write your work.

The most common styles for today are: MLA (the Morden Language Association), APA (the American Psychological Association), the Chicago writing style and the CBE. These styles differ from each other, so the title page will be created in the different ways as well. So, first of all, the author should get acquainted with all the styles and choose the best and most suitable according to the teacher’s requirements.

Naturally, your research paper cover must have a title. Normally, it is placed at the centre of the sheet and is double spaced. The title will be followed by the name of the author; it will also be double spaced and placed nearly three-four lines below the title of your paper. The cover will also contain the name of your instructor, the subject of a research work and the date. The cover page is never numbered. So, again, please make sure you have put the following information into the cover page:

  • The first and the last name, for example, John Riddle
  • The information on your college or the university
  • The title of your writing which should not be too long
  • The class or the group where you are studying
  • The name of your instructor
  • The period of time
  • The actual date of your research paper submission
  • The cover page may illustrate the picture in some cases if it is allowed

Very often, the professor or the instructor can provide his own rules on how to make a cover paper. That is why it is important to consider his requirements too. And as a young author, you need to remember, that this writing is of an academic type and no one wants to evaluate your skills of an artist.

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What Makes a Comparative Essay?

Making the Best of your Comparative Essay Writing Skills!!!

One of the most commonly used essay types is a comparative essay. Along with other essay types such as descriptive essays, analytical or critical essays, comparative essays are a staple of any University curriculum. That’s why every student should know the basics of writing a comparative essay.

It is not difficult to guess that comparative essays involve compare and contrast activities. Students are often asked to compare literary works like two short stories with the same or similar idea. They are also asked to compare theories, models, strategies, styles and many more as their academic tasks. In the real life people employ comparative analysis far more often than they may imagine.

Actually comparison is the great strategy to know better any object of reality. During the compare and contrast process one cognizes deeply every aspect of the objects under investigation to find out what is in common for them and what makes them different.

Comparison always involves finding similarities and differences of the contrasting objects. One has to dismantle the object into separate parts, make a contrasting analysis and mantle these parts back to see an overall picture clearly. For example, you have to compare two stories by different authors starting from theme, characters up to the choice of descriptive elements. First, you are to look what is common between the characters of two stories, how the main idea is conveyed in both of them, etc. Then you are to explore the differences and combine all elements to produce a certain conclusion. You should also mind that issues under comparison should belong to the same category. So, you cannot compare the theme with one of the characters.

It is better to understand the mission of a comparative essay by means of an example. Let’s take William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning” and the film “Big Lebowski.” What is common for these stories? Both are symbolic. Both carry out symbolic meaning through the depiction of a rug. They both feature a rug as an embodiment of some wider concept – wealth and superiority. In both cases the rug is identified with the owner. Both authors show that damaging the possession of a person can inflict humiliation to the owner. To compare these two stories a student needs to see the rug in the context of both stories and define its symbolic meaning. For this he/she has to be familiar with both stories and know different individual aspects of two pieces.

Comparison is both an easy and difficult task as one needs to do an in-depth analysis to identify individual aspects of two objects and unite them as possessing something in common or something different. On the other hand, everyone has basic skills of doing comparisons, as it is often used in real life. That’s why everyone can easily acquire basic skills of comparative writing.

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Use Model Essays for Your Benefit

Model Essay is a Great Framework to Follow

Model essays are the examples of certain documents that have strict requirements. They are the guides that help students to write different kinds of essays. Model papers serve as a framework, helping the students to follow the main issues and include necessary information in their own work. It is more believable that students will stick to the requirements.

There are a lot of areas in which topics can be disclosed and followed. You can find cause and effect model essay, model on argumentative topics, model analysis essay, expository model essay, etc. If you have been assigned to write about science and technology in modern society with regard to expository essay, you may make use of it below.

Science and technology play an integral part in our life. Actually, the world has been materially and intellectually created by science. The radio, the telephone, the automobile, the TV set, the airplane or any other devices were invented by science. Thanks to the means of communication, people can have connection with each other and are considered to be a single community. Just imagine the society without modern industry and agriculture. It would be impossible to exist: to feed, to clothe and provide the abundant life to the large population. For example, the use of computer in teaching is not so new. A tremendous number of universities provides computer-taught courses, most of all, in scientific subjects and math. Language training was an outgrowth of these programs. There are written instructions on how to learn operating the keyboard that are followed by the students. Then the computer speaks to the students through headphones.

It is necessary to give examples concerning a subject matter like it is written in model essays. For example, there is, however, a negative side of it. People forget about a harmful impact of science on a human’s mind. Cell phones have something like signals that lead to brain tumor appearance, computers are harmful for human’s eyesight. It is not difficult to name other innovations but the point is clear enough. Science occupies a central position in modern society, therefore, leads to the land and seas pollution. Research and innovations in technology should improve society’s living and predict negative effects on human beings. But recent developments of nuclear weapon, satellites and space platforms attract public attention and interest throughout the world and still remain the most problematic question.

Generally, science and technology grow very fast. Scientists put a lot of efforts in order to invent something new that will catch the people’s attention greatly.

Accordingly, the essay should be written to such structure: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. It is advisable to use any kind of bullets in the main body if you have divisions, subdivisions or important issues to emphasize. The language should be easily readable.

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Economics Research Paper

Choose the Most Appealing Topic for Your Economics Research Paper

Economics is a vast area. That is why there is a great scope of topics that you may use for your research paper. If you want to complete your economics research paper successfully and get a good grade for your paper, then use the next instructions:

1. Think what topic you want to uncover in your research paper. You may write about the success and failure of economic systems, consumers and utility or the economics of social security.

2. Find information that you may use for writing your paper. Surf the internet or visit the library. Make critical reading of the issues. Choose only the most important and relevant information.

3. Structure your paper. Your research paper should include:

– Cover page (with the author’s surname and the title of your research paper)
– Introduction
– Main body
– Conclusion
– Appendices
– Bibliography

It is very important to make an appealing introduction. State the following points in your introductory part:

– Briefly and clearly state and explain the problem of your essay.
– Write the main aims and purpose of your paper.
– Write also the research question.
– Make a brief outline of previous studying of the subject.
– Relevance your research paper theme, write why it is worth to be investigated.
– Define the research methods you are going to use in your paper.
– Make a brief outline of the paragraphs of the main body.

The main body is usually the longest part of any research paper. It may have paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Every paragraph should be started with the opening sentence. Then state the main point and argument. While developing the argument make sure you hold to all the style and formatting rules. If you have quoted some book or any other issue (journal, magazine etc.), make sure you use in-text citation properly. In the main body, give also interpretation of background information. Describe your methodological process of investigation. Present your findings and your points of view. Make transitions between the paragraphs. At the end of each paragraph you may give a brief summary.

In the conclusion explain the findings of your essay. Give summary of your observations and of your research. Write the suggestion for the future possible investigation of the essay subject.

After the conclusion, write the bibliography. Make sure you follow all the required citation style. Place all books in alphabetical order by the first letter of the authors’ surnames.
Your economics research paper may also have appendices. Here you may place all the visual material: graphs, charts, statistics, figures etc.

If your paper is ready, then proofread it. Ask your instructor or the person who is aware of your research paper subject to read your paper. If there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, then you may print it.

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Good Research Paper Topic is Vital

There are Certain Considerations You Need to Take into Account When Deciding on a Topic

Research paper writing normally begins with selecting a good topic. Unquestionably, your ability to write about a good research paper topic can significantly have an effect on the quality of your work. However, there are countless excellent research topics to choose from, you merely have to know which one suits your competence and interest. Several sample research papers are also available; these examples can greatly help you in deciding on a topic. For even when you know how to make a research paper, your aptitude would be useless should you delve into something that is not quite interesting. A good paper which is left unread might be deemed as worthless. Readers normally decide to read research papers tackling issues which are really appealing.

When deciding on a research topic, you should also take certain considerations into account. :

• Competency on the preferred topic. To make things easier for you, it is important that you choose a subject that is quite familiar. Are you a business course student? Then, you could write about marketing or advertising, strategies, delve into a specific business type, talk about business organizations, explore on the strengths and weaknesses of the business, or any other issue that is related to your course. All you need to do is choose a research subject that you already know about. Writing a research paper is never easy; don’t make it even harder by attempting to write about something you barely know about.

• The appeal of the topic to the public. Some issues are naturally appealing, while others—despite articulate depiction—remains mind-numbing. Therefore, you need to learn which issues are attention-grabbing. If you are a beginner and you cannot immediately ascertain which issues would possibly be read—go for topics which are conflict-ridden and you’d have more chances of being noticed. However, you must also allot time to embark upon these issues, for they necessitate excellent writing flairs and extensive research.

• Accessibility. As mentioned, do not make it even harder. Make certain that you can easily have sources. Once you find it difficult to come across articles and websites, try another topic. Availability of resources can also expedite the completion of your work. Do not spend sleepless nights looking for something that could hardly be found.

• The extent of the topic which you would need to take in. There are issues which you would need to delimit. To make things clearer, do not endeavor on issues which would confuse you. For instance, if you would write about social dilemma, you’d only have to choose one among numerous social issues. It can be about poverty, abortion, death penalty, and any other societal topic, but never try to write about it in general.

You must meticulously do your writing and should also pay attention to the coherence of your research paper outline. For aside from excellent research paper topics, you should also take other aspects into account. However, undeniably, among research paper components, research topic can be considered as one of the most crucial.

Writing Tips in Research Papers Online

Good Research Paper Online Can Be So Much Needed Help

As a rule, research papers are longer pieces of writing works than essays. Completing a research paper requires you to follow definite steps of writing and research. To prepare a good research paper you should do some research, first of all, that is, to investigate the topic you have by reading related materials in various sources, including articles, books, newspapers, magazines, and surely the Internet. Sometimes it is better to conduct some interviews as well. The data and facts you gather now will be used later to support all the points you make in your writing paper. Besides, you can always look for some research papers online. Read the below given information on writing a research paper and be sure to complete it successfully!

1)  The first stage of work on the research paper is selecting a topic for it. Try to keep in mind the advice your tutor has set for this assignment in terms of its length, types of sources and subject matter. Besides you need to choose such topic that would be interesting in research.

2) Now you need to narrow the topic you chose. Try to limit it to one definite aspect that you can treat really thoroughly. Some background reading as well as research papers online can give your some clues as to your writing direction.

3) The next thing for you to do is to compose a tentative outline. Try to organize your ideas and create a rough outline that will help you in the process of reading and note-taking. After that you need to collect the supporting materials.

4) While working with the books don’t fail to note down its author, title, date of publication and its publisher. For an article you need to write down its author, title of the article itself and the title of the journal, date and numbers of inclusive page. In case you use a web document, write down its title, date and author, as well as Web address.

5) When you start to write your paper you need to compose a thesis statement. It should be statement one sentence long that plainly tells about the topic of your work and the approach you will take to it. You can look for some good research paper online and to find out how to make it properly.

6) Then you need to make a rough draft and to make sure there is a logical progression in your argumentation and enough supporting materials. After doing it you should revise this rough draft thoroughly and make sure your work is free of any grammar, spelling and style mistakes.

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Look for Fresh Research Papers Ideas

Get Some Good Research Paper Idea for the Best Academic Results

A main goal of writing a research paper is the improvement of your technical writing skills. The main thing you should do is to start working on your writing paper as soon as the task is given. In such way you can take an advantage of the time and to complete all the research and writing work before the deadline. If you wait for the last minute, you will surely have difficulties in finding proper materials, or you may be pressured by some other tasks. Below there are guidelines on how to get some fresh research papers ideas and to make your writing work a real success.

1)  The first stage of preparing your work is searching, choosing and reading of all the proper sources. While completing this part of work you need to look for needed information in the periodicals, catalogs, journals and books. Besides you may make use of the suggestions your tutor has given you.

2)  The next task you will do while looking for some good research papers idea is to group, sequence and document the materials you have gathered. While doing it, try to think about your topic and its significance, the background materials you have and to use it for creating a strong thesis statement.

3)  Now you need to create a foreword part of your research paper. Remember about all important points you should mention in your foreword. Don’t fail to present relevant background information, to define necessary terms and concepts, to explain your specific purpose and define the objectives of the whole paper.

4)  It is a high time to work on the body part of your research paper. Here you should use the outline you have made before and to build your writing paper around its most important points. A good research papers idea is not just to report on something. You need to sum up, analyze, clarify, and evaluate the information you use.

5) The next step is creating a concluding part. In case the main point of your writing paper is difficult, you may need to sum it up for your reader. If you have not explained the significance of the results of your work before, use the end of your research paper to tell about their importance.

6) Now you need to revise the final variant of your writing.  Check whether your work’s organization is proper. Make sure the flow of the foreword is logical, your discussion in the main body is coherent and deep, and the conclusions are effective.

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