Internet petitions demanding speakers’ invitations be withdrawn have become more and more common, and realising that by simply being upfront about their motives for wanting to disallow their target a platform will unmask them for the intolerant, authoritarian drones they are, campaigners have learned to up the stakes, claiming that the presence of speakers they don’t like “threatens the safety of attendees”, when the true reason is that they are banning any speakers with right-wing or even libertarian sympathies.

Baldwin wasn’t even going to be talking about anything pertaining to GamerGate or women. As the expo was celebrating the ten-year anniversary of television show Serenity, Baldwin would be appearing in his capacity as a cast member. Albert Santos, the petition’s architect, who since the announcement Baldwin would still be appearing at Supanova has announced his commitment to “fight to the end”, quite clearly articulated that Baldwin’s political stance was the problem.

“Some have argued that a person’s political views need to be separate to their professional duties, and I understand that train of thought. I’m not going after Kevin Sorbo or Dean Cain or Michael Rooker, for example, despite not agreeing with their views, because for the most part they keep it to themselves and are professionals about their work… But Baldwin chose, and continues to choose to be active in his bigotry and hatred. It’s this proactive nature that sets off alarm bells, for me.”

Translation? If you’re not left-wing, keep your mouth shut. What’s becoming clear is that under the false premise of making spaces “safe” for minorities, the only people whose safety is really becoming at risk is right-wingers and basically anyone who doesn’t wholly subscribe to the doctrine of political correctness.

I stopped reading gaming websites long before GamerGate, because I was confused as to why they were so heavily pushing a hard-left world view in all their articles. I wasn’t interested in high school-level sociology essays about the representation of women and ethnic minorities, and didn’t think politics belonged in video game reviews.