Research Paper Cover Should Make Positive Impression

While writing an essay or a research paper you need to create a good looking, impressive and attractive research paper cover. One can think that this is an easy task but it is not so and many of the students have difficulties with it. Trying to make an impression they, usually, fell into a trap, making the cover page coloured and fancy looking. Remember, your essay is not a fiction or a novel, so you should always follow the rules and should never create something personal.

Research papers cover is very important in your work, so please pay attention to them too. The instructors and even the readers pay much attention to the title of the research paper as it is the beginning of your writing and it should be done properly. The title of a research paper can be written in different ways. There is a number of the official written formats and one of them will be used to write your work.

The most common styles for today are: MLA (the Morden Language Association), APA (the American Psychological Association), the Chicago writing style and the CBE. These styles differ from each other, so the title page will be created in the different ways as well. So, first of all, the author should get acquainted with all the styles and choose the best and most suitable according to the teacher’s requirements.

Naturally, your research paper cover must have a title. Normally, it is placed at the centre of the sheet and is double spaced. The title will be followed by the name of the author; it will also be double spaced and placed nearly three-four lines below the title of your paper. The cover will also contain the name of your instructor, the subject of a research work and the date. The cover page is never numbered. So, again, please make sure you have put the following information into the cover page:

  • The first and the last name, for example, John Riddle
  • The information on your college or the university
  • The title of your writing which should not be too long
  • The class or the group where you are studying
  • The name of your instructor
  • The period of time
  • The actual date of your research paper submission
  • The cover page may illustrate the picture in some cases if it is allowed

Very often, the professor or the instructor can provide his own rules on how to make a cover paper. That is why it is important to consider his requirements too. And as a young author, you need to remember, that this writing is of an academic type and no one wants to evaluate your skills of an artist.

There should be no troubles with the research papers cover writing if you have learned what is written above. But if you still remain unconfident you can ask for a help of the professional research paper writers. You can ask for assistance, order your title page or look at some examples at