Choose the Most Appealing Topic for Your Economics Research Paper

Economics is a vast area. That is why there is a great scope of topics that you may use for your research paper. If you want to complete your economics research paper successfully and get a good grade for your paper, then use the next instructions:

1. Think what topic you want to uncover in your research paper. You may write about the success and failure of economic systems, consumers and utility or the economics of social security.

2. Find information that you may use for writing your paper. Surf the internet or visit the library. Make critical reading of the issues. Choose only the most important and relevant information.

3. Structure your paper. Your research paper should include:

– Cover page (with the author’s surname and the title of your research paper)
– Introduction
– Main body
– Conclusion
– Appendices
– Bibliography

It is very important to make an appealing introduction. State the following points in your introductory part:

– Briefly and clearly state and explain the problem of your essay.
– Write the main aims and purpose of your paper.
– Write also the research question.
– Make a brief outline of previous studying of the subject.
– Relevance your research paper theme, write why it is worth to be investigated.
– Define the research methods you are going to use in your paper.
– Make a brief outline of the paragraphs of the main body.

The main body is usually the longest part of any research paper. It may have paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Every paragraph should be started with the opening sentence. Then state the main point and argument. While developing the argument make sure you hold to all the style and formatting rules. If you have quoted some book or any other issue (journal, magazine etc.), make sure you use in-text citation properly. In the main body, give also interpretation of background information. Describe your methodological process of investigation. Present your findings and your points of view. Make transitions between the paragraphs. At the end of each paragraph you may give a brief summary.

In the conclusion explain the findings of your essay. Give summary of your observations and of your research. Write the suggestion for the future possible investigation of the essay subject.

After the conclusion, write the bibliography. Make sure you follow all the required citation style. Place all books in alphabetical order by the first letter of the authors’ surnames.
Your economics research paper may also have appendices. Here you may place all the visual material: graphs, charts, statistics, figures etc.

If your paper is ready, then proofread it. Ask your instructor or the person who is aware of your research paper subject to read your paper. If there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, then you may print it.

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