If You Do not Know how to Outline Research Paper – Find the Samples of Research Paper Outline

Students usually write research papers at schools, colleges and universities. It is very important to learn from the beginning how to organize your thoughts in your research paper. For this reasons, students have to learn how to outline research paper.

Research paper outline is a plan of your paper structure and a framework of your thoughts. Usually outline includes the following constituents: the title or the cover page of the research. Then goes the introduction, where you have to describe the subject of the investigation. Write also, why you have chosen this problem and why it is appropriate. Underline the importance of your investigation. Write the main questions of your research paper, which you have answer at the end of your research. Do not forget to mention the main aims and the purpose of your research. Write also what methods you use in your paper.

In the main body, present your own viewpoints and investigations. You may support your thoughts and research results with examples and citations from the books. So your thesis statements will be supported theoretically and practically. At the beginning of each chapter of the main body make a short preview and at the end of the chapters write sub-conclusions. In the conclusion, give summary to your research paper. Draw perspectives of the further investigation of the research subject. Remember that using new figures, facts and models is a rough mistake. Do not use citations in the summary. If you stated some questions in the introduction, so give answers to these questions.

If you still do no know how to outline research paper, ask your instructor to help you. Alternatively, you may find samples of the research paper outline. Pay attention to the Bibliography. It should be organized in alphabetical order. Internet sources are usually listed at the end of the Bibliography.

In some research paper examples, you may see that some students write Appendices in the work. In Appendices, additional tables, graphs, statistics, charts or extracts from the documents are given. Write each table from a new page. Although Appendices is not a compulsory part of the research paper, still you have to enumerate it.

Therefore, as you see it is very important to know all the constituents of the research paper. In addition, if you want to organize them logically then research paper outline will help you. Think how you can outline research paper, organizing all the parts of the writing in an appropriate way. If you still need help with your research paper outline, then you may order custom paper outline at PhDify.com